There is NO evidence for a worldwide flood


O Lord! methought what pain it was to drown!
What dreadful noise of waters in mine ears!
What ugly sights of death within mine eyes!
--William Shakespeare, "Richard III"

Creationists rely almost exclusively on a world wide flood to give credence to their young Earth beliefs.  Below is a selection of articles showing beyond doubt that no such flood occurred. 

Whither goes creationism now?

Sir Jim Wallaby

 Flood Stories from Around the World (off site)
Mark Isaak

In Search of the Real Noah
Margaret Kittson (the Skeptic, vol 17:2 p. 19)

Problems with a Global Flood (off site)
Mark Isaak

Can Noah's Flood Account For The Geologic and Fossil Record?
Lenny Flank

Creation "Science" Debunked (off site)
Lenny Flank

The Geologic Column and the Flood
Glenn R. Morton

Glenn R. Morton's Flood Page: Articles on Noah's Flood (off site)
Glenn R. Morton

Flood Geology - a Load of Codswallop?

The Insurmountable Problems Associated with "Noah's Ark"

The Whole Silly Flood Story (off site)
Bob Riggins

Were Adam and Eve Toast? (off site)
Joseph Meert

The Depths of the Oceans: Incompatible with a Global Flood Model (off site)
Joseph Meert

   The Kiwi Question (off site)
  Frank R. Zindler

Isotopic Sorting and the Noah's Flood Model (off site)

Ager's Opinion of Young-Earth Creationists
 Dr. Kevin R. Henke

Creation Geology in Russia
Roger Scott

A Review of a Creationist Interpretation of Placer Gold Deposits
Paul Blake and Roger Scott

Placers to Go....
Paul Blake and Roger Scott

BARRY'S WORLD  (off site)
A Response to the Setterfield-Fryman Flood Scenario

Joe Meert

That boat don't float

The Real Poop on the Global Flood (off site)
Glenn R. Morton

The Demise and Fall of the Water Vapor Canopy: A Fallen Creationist Idea
Glenn R. Morton

A Criticism of the
ICR's Grand Canyon Dating Project
(off site)
Chris Stassen

Dr. Marty Leipzig looks at the mathematics of 'Noah's Flood.' (off site)

The Geology of the Grand Canyon (off site)

Bibliolatry Revisited: A Review of "Grand Canyon: a Different View"
Wilfred A. Elders

Why Geology Shows Sedimentation to Be too Slow for a Global Flood  (off site)
Glenn R. Morton

What Jesus Said About the Creation Story and the Flood  (off site)
"There are only sparse, minuscule words supporting the idea that Jesus took the Creation Story and the Flood literally.
Obviously, the words are either figurative, not exactly what Jesus said, or simply writer embellishments."
John D. Callahan, Faith & Reason Ministries

The Bible Knows Nothing of Science  (off site)
"Many educated people reject the Bible because of its total ignorance of science, ignorance to
the point of making horrendous blunders."
Dave E. Matson

Noah's Ark myth "explained" (off site)
Scott Casey

22 November , 2007