The insurmountable problems associated with
"Noah's Ark"

The claims of creationists that a world wide flood was responsible for laying down the geologic column are further eroded by the logistical problems of building, maintaining the ark and accommodating the animals thereon 

The Prehistory of Koalas
Professor Michael Archer

Creationism and the Platypus
Jim Foley

In Search of the Real Noah
Margaret Kittson

Alan Towsey

Getting the Drift
Michael Creech

Noah's Ark and the Zuisudra Epic: Sumerian Origins of the Myth (off site)
A book by Robert M. Best which clearly explains why the creationists'
"world wide flood"  is a myth

Noah's Ark (off site)
Lenny Flank

More Ark Nonsense From Ken Ham
John Stear