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Flood Geology - A Load of Codswallop!

A Critique of Dr Tasman Walker's Flood Geology Model
Paul Blake

Young Earth Creationist Weds Three Sisters
Paul Blake

Jonathan Sarfati's "Flood Geology" is Bogus
Kevin R. Henke

A Review of Young Earth Creationist M.J. Oard's "Flood Geology"
Kevin R. Henke

A Flood Geologist Recants  (off site)
Mike Dunford

Creationist "Flood Geology" Vs Common Sense (off site)
"-Or Reasons why "Flood Geology" was abandoned in the
mid-1800s by Christian men of science"
Edward T. Babinski

The contradictory and hypocritical geology of Tasman Walker
John Stear, Dr Ken Smith, Dr Kevin R. Henke, Dr Paul Blake, June 2006

Answers in Genesis tells us what we already know  (off site)
Joe Meert