Stone Age Ham Found at AiG
Michael Suttkus

Home Education Weekly News - 31 May 2002

Ken Ham:    A Stone Age Flute - what's so remarkable?

QUESTION: Some people believe that our ancestors were primitive 'cave-men' with low intelligence who used stone tools.  What's the truth?

The truth is that for decades now scientists have recognized that the group of people who produced this flute were of modern human intelligence.  Creationists, as always, must resort to lying about what science claims because they cannot deal with actual science.

ANSWER: Actually, I believe 'cave-men' existed - they are just men who lived in caves!

Ham's depth of logic shakes one, doesn't it?  Actually, 'cave men' is a popular notion with little support from science.  No race of men has, to my knowledge, ever really lived in caves.  The so-called 'cave men' of human ancestry pretty much avoided them except for religious ceremonies such as cave painting and such.

Many people have the idea that if someone lived in a cave....

Which they didn't do.

....or used stone tools, they must have been very primitive.

But less primitive than the ones who didn't!

But, this isn't so.

Then why are you blithering about it if you know science says none of these things?  Oh, sorry, you aren't actually admitting that your nonsense above was a caricature, just trying to pin the arrow into the strawman you've cobbled together.  Don't forget to give it a sign saying "evlutin" so that people know what the strawman is supposed to be, Mr Ham.

You see, after God confused the languages at Babel, causing the various family groups to disperse and settle in different areas around the world, there would have been an immediate loss of culture and technology by some of the groups. 

Why?  Because they suddenly got stupid?  If I'm an ancient potter and one day I find I speak French instead of Hebrew, would I somehow forget how to make pots?  Well, that's what Mr Ham is proposing.

Until they found suitable materials,....

Huh?  God confused the language and made all the materials go away?

....some would have needed to use stone tools....

Because they no longer knew how to make metal tools?  Gosh, they forget the word metal and it all slips right out of their ears, huh, Mr Ham?

Sadly, for Mr Ham, there is no sign of people knowing how to make more advanced tools and then forgetting.  Quite the opposite.  Mr Ham's little delusion is not supported by the evidence, which shows tools improving over time, not being metal, then shifting to stone, and then going back.

....and perhaps live in caves. 

Which they didn't do, but Mr Ham's ignorance knows no bounds.  Why should he bother to learn about what science claims before blithering about it on an education forum?  Because ignorance is so much better, right Mr Ham?

But this does not mean they lost any of their intelligence or their distinctly human characteristics.

They just got stupid enough so that they couldn't build the same kind of houses they'd been building, but which didn't leave any traces of their existence - somehow - maybe.

For example, in a cave in Slovenia, scientists found what looked like a bone flute!  This puzzled the evolutionists because they would never think that these primitive, grunting 'stone agers' had musical instruments.

Actually, it didn't puzzle any evolutionists.  Creationists again are reduced to lying to make it seem like they have a case.

Should we be surprised to find such an ancient flute? 

Should we be surprised that they have time to make flutes while their busy trying to remember how to remake their metal tools?

Not at all - Adam's descendants used musical instruments.  Humans have always been intelligent - we didn't evolve!

Most humans are intelligent.  But creationists?   It's debatable.

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