AiG and Home Schooling
John Stear

"I would defend the liberty of consenting adult creationists to practise whatever intellectual perversions they like in the privacy of their own homes; but it is also necessary to protect the young and innocent."
Arthur C. Clarke (1984): 1984: Spring. page 265.

The links below are to rebuttals of items taken from  "Home Education Weekly News",  an e-mail service provided by Answers in Genesis' Creation Education Centre.

Home schooling is a contentious issue.  Attempts by Biblical literalists to insert their religious dogma into American public education have been strongly opposed by educators and scientists and soundly rejected by the courts and the voters.    This has helped fuel the proliferation of home schooling among the members of the religious far right who have school age children.  Professional creationists have encouraged this practice by producing "curriculum" guides to be used by home schooling parents.

There are undoubtedly many conscientious parents who provide their home schooled children with a sound scientific backgroundThese days there are so many avenues open to the scientific home schooler (e.g. science camps, correspondence courses, courses taught at local colleges or universities, apprenticeships at medical facilities, Internet research and old-fashioned books).  Children can also be encouraged to ask questions of friends and relations in scientific fields and to develop mentor relationships with other adults in those fields. 

However, parents who are susceptible to the anti science pedalled by creationists cannot properly instruct their children in the subjects which are essential to ensure they are equipped to make their way in our technological world.  When parents brainwash their children with creationists' pseudo science and fairy tales then home schooling can be a horrific concept.

Those parents who teach their children creationist mumbo jumbo as science are, in my opinion, committing an act of intellectual abuse against their children.

Ken Ham's biography states:

"Ken's bachelor's degree in applied science (with an emphasis on environmental biology) was awarded by the Queensland Institute of Technology. He also holds a Diploma of Education (equivalent to a master's degree in America) from the University of Queensland."

Since I began this series of rebuttals to Mr Ham's home schooling "lessons" it has become obvious that he is no educator.  His  knowledge of science is as deficient as his knowledge of theology and as a consequence his "lessons" are absolutely pitiful.  If he attempted to teach his rubbish in any school (other than a fundamentalist school) he would be sacked for gross incompetence.

It is an utter tragedy that the likes of Ken Ham are able to exert such an influence on young minds.  Home school parents who wittingly expose their children to creationist pseudo science should, like the creationists themselves, be held accountable. As I said earlier, "Those parents who teach their children creationist mumbo jumbo as science are, in my opinion, committing an act of intellectual abuse against their children."  That goes double for Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis.   

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