Answers in Genesis' integrity seems to be missing

John Stear, February 2006
Revised 22 March 2006

In October 2002 Answers in Genesis (AiG) wrote an article listing certain arguments they thought creationists shouldn't use.   When one prominent but scientifically illiterate young Earth creationist (YEC) Kent Hovind, took exception to AiG's list of inappropriate arguments and published a critique of AiG's article on his web site, AiG responded in another article called Maintaining Creationist Integrity.

As can be seen in the original Arguments we think creationists should NOT use, obtained from the "Internet Archive", that article contained a link to "Maintaining Creationist Integrity" (see here) but that is no longer the case. Sometime after March 2005 (see the Internet Archive) AiG removed the reference to their Hovind response from their Arguments article and, apparently, from their main web site.

Most if not all the arguments being put forward by young Earth creationists are indeed foolish and have been refuted time and time again. But one must wonder what pressure was exerted on AiG and indeed from whom, to force them to delete the article. [See NOTE below]

It's not the first time AiG has been found out.  Some time ago they removed an article and its attachment from their web site without explanation, see It's Official! Racism is an Integral Part of Creationist Dogma.

AiG's claim to any integrity can be put in the same category as the existence of Noah's Ark - pure fantasy.

NOTE:     I wrote this article in February and now in March Answers in Genesis and its Australian ministry have parted company, see What's in a name?  While it seems likely that Ken Ham's subservience to the rabid fundamentalists in the USA was the prime reason for the articles removal, the less than amicable parting of the ways might explain why the Australian ministry, now called Creation Ministries International (CMI), have reinstated it on their new web site