Whale Evolution

Creationist Mindblocks to Whale Evolution  (off site)

The Whale's Tale  (off site)
Richard Monastersky

New Fossils Resolve Whale's Origin  (off site)
B. Harder

The Origin of Whales and the Power of Independent Evidence (off site)
Raymond Sutera

A Family Tree of Whales  (off site)
J. G. M. "Hans" Thewissen, Ph.D.

Cetacea Evolution  (off site)
Douglas J. Futuyma

Hooking Leviathan By Its Past  (off site)
Stephen Jay Gould

Ungulates, Whales and Strange Mammals  (off site)

AiG and Whale Evolution
Michael Suttkus

Ambulocetus Has No Pelvis and is Largely Incomplete?  (off site)

Ambulocetus natans - the walking whale that swims  (off site)

Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises

Edward T. Babinski

Ambulocetus natans (Whale Series) (off site)

Rodhocetus and Basilosaurus (Whale Series) (off site)

Whale and hippo 'close cousins'  (off site)
"A water-loving mammal that lived 50 to 60 million years ago was probably the "missing link"
between whales and hippos"

Hearing clue to whale evolution  (off site)
"The evolution of whales from four-legged land dwellers into streamlined swimmers has been traced in fossilised ears"

How whales learned to swim  (off site)
"Fossils show early whales became agile swimmers in a mere blink of evolution - about 10 million years"

When whales walked the land  (off site)
Fossils of the early land-based ancestors of whales have been unearthed in Pakistan

New Protocetid Whale from the Middle Eocene of Pakistan: Birth on Land, Precocial Develpment, and Sexual Dimorphism (off site)
"Discovery of a near-term fetus positioned for head-first delivery provides important evidence that early protocetid whales gave birth on land."

How ancient whales lost their legs, got sleek and conquered the oceans (off site)
"When ancient whales finally parted company with the last remnants of their legs about 35 million years ago, a relatively sudden genetic event may have crowned an eons-long shrinking process"

How Bambi evolved into Moby-Dick (off site)
"A small deer-like animal that evaded predators by hiding underwater may have evolved into today's whales."

Research on the Origin and Early Evolution of Whales (Cetacea)  (off site)
Philip D. Gingerich
E. C. Case Collegiate Professor of Paleontology
Professor, Department of Geological Sciences
Director, Museum of Paleontology, The University of Michigan

Whale Origins!  (off site)
J.G.M. Thewissen