Wacky web sites
John Stear
[Revised August 2006]

Apart from the more prominent young Earth creationist (YEC) sites (for instance see Answers in Genesis) there are lots of wacky web sites on the Internet and the many of them have something to say on evolution/creation.  They invariably demonstrate little or no knowledge of science and frequently reveal that their authors have a twisted view of Christianity.   I propose to add such sites to the list below as they come to my notice. 

The following links are to only some of the pages on the web sites I have chosen.  Once at the site you will have the opportunity to drink in the utter lunacy displayed by many YEC followers:

(1)    Christian Mysteries owned by  David Jay Jordan.

Evolution is a "Big Lie"

THIS DOCTRINE OF DELUSION HAS BECOME THE GENERAL THEME OF MODERN SO-CALLED SCIENCE, and is therefore no longer true science, but pure, imaginary, evolutionary bunk! Evolution is now referred to as the "great principle" of biology. But a principle, according to the dictionary, is a foundation truth, or fact, the basis of other truths. And if you know anything about evolution at all, you know it has never been proven to be either a truth or a fact, much less the foundation or the basis of other truths.

False Science, Crystals and Messianic True Science

In understanding Mesianic [sic] scriptures, its almost absolutely essential to understand that the LORD is our Creator, and not damnable evolution, random chance, or uncontrolled big bang chaos. Because true science equates to true religion, as Einstein proved, and it is totally complimentary to have some knowledge about not only the Lord's Creation, but all the other truths from economics, history, biology, politics, etc etc in whatever field. For what, we all have to learn originally is that: there is no truth unknown by the Lord for He created all truths for He is the truth (Jn 14:6). For even when the evil angels after rebelliously went ahead and mated with the daughters of men, and then disclosed the secrets of the Lord (Gen 6 , Book of Enock) [sic], they were merely stealing this information for their own twisted perversions and greed. We don't have to be afraid of science only aware of their misuse of the Lord's power.

The Earth is  the Centre of the Universe

If you didn't know it, the Earth is the center of the Universe, it is written in the colors of the stars. The stars and their galaxies give off a red light shift away from their natural color because they are all moving away from the Earth. So no matter where a telescope looks in the uniform sky, the galaxies are all moving away from us. How could this be ? Welll, [sic] it's simply because because the Lord created the Earth and our Sun and all the stars (other suns) using the Earth as the Center of Creation. From this central hub, the galaxies are moving away causing a red-light shift, there is no other explanation.

Flesh and Spirit Equation

Because creation came from the unfolding of the Lord's Name allow me tostate [sic] the basic equation from Einstein that absolutely correlates the Spirit World with the Physical World?..and Religion with Science. You all probably know it but may not realize its implications??..

It's Einsteins
[sic] or should I say it's the Lord's Equation E=mc2.

(2)    The non-moving earth & anti-evolution web page.... 

The Earth is Not Moving so says certifiable kook Marshal Hall.

There is no proof that the Earth rotates on a [sic] "axis" daily and orbits the sun annually.  None.

All calculations for eclipses, the space program, navigation, satellite movements - anything that demands precision and accuracy - are based on a non-moving Earth.  Boiled down, heliocentric math is the same as geocentric math.  Mathmatics [sic] has been invented specifically to uphold Copernicanism.   (Einstein called math an "art form" and so it is!) 

NASA's Agenda

NASA's stated goal of searching space for clues to man's origins reveals the premise behind their taxpayer supported Origins Program. That premise is that evolution is true and the Bible (along with the Koran) is false. This premise is not secular; it is spiritual. It claims to be scientific and therefore independent of religion. It is not scientific, as we shall see. It is religious, as we shall also see. The evolutionary premise violates all known science and logic. It does not have the first piece of verifiable evidence to support the squirrely [sic] evolution myth it calls "scientific". Evolutionism embodies a single spiritual agenda, viz., disqualify and replace the Bible as the source of Truth.

The Truth About Evolution

There is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be, ONE single piece of incontrovertible evidence that macro-evolution has happened. Not ONE PIECE! Anyone who says otherwise can be shown to be lying. More, every known observational fact and every tried and true scientific law shows that evolutionism is pure mythology masquerading as science.

Ten Step Process For Exposing And Destroying The 15 Billion Year Evolutionary "Creation Scenario"

3) Basically unknown to the world until about a decade ago is the now revealed and undisputed fact that the 15 billion year evolutionary model is derived from a holy book (the Kabbala) of the Pharisee religion. Also from the same religion the now available facts tell us that the other essential components of the evolutionary model-- beyond the indispensable 15 billion years--i.e., heliocentricity [300 years before Copernicus] Relativity, a Big Bang, an Expanding Universe] are also found in the once secret writings of Kabbalist sages over at least two millennia [links deleted].

(3)    Creation Tips.  Note that the following links appear to have been removed from the "Creation Tips" website but have been resurrected thanks to the Internet Archive.  Why were they removed?  Perhaps the owner of the site eventually realised that they were too silly even by YEC standards.  But why post them in the first place?

Evolution is an Illusion

Many people think that simple, 'lower' life-forms evolved into more complex, "higher" life-forms. This false belief persists because they are led to believe that biological "classifications" produce the actual creatures. It is an illusion.

Could humans and apes evolve from a common ancestor?

The evolutionary idea that humans and apes evolved from a common ancestor has not been indisputably proved. Apes give birth to apes and humans give birth to humans. The alleged common ancestor, whatever it was, would have given birth to more of itself, not to apes and humans.

Fossils can never prove evolution

Fossils cannot show that evolution has occurred. Some may have similarities, but to be sure they evolved you would first have to be certain the fossilized creatures were not created that way to begin with.

Did Charles Darwin know his theory was a hoax?

Charles Darwin lived at a time when hoaxes and practical jokes were common and enjoyed. The climate was right for a big idea like evolution. His mystery illness may have resulted from knowing he didn't have the evidence to support his theory.

If apes are so much like humans why don't they talk?

Chimps have DNA that is about 98 or 99 per cent similar to humans. But this doesn't mean chimps are 1 or 2 per cent away from being human. They are world's apart. ...

... If you think chimps are 98 per cent the same as humans, then why don't chimps do things 98 per cent as well as humans? Why don't they build universities, cars, and coffee plantations 98 per cent as well as humans? Or play piano, baseball or Trivial Pursuit 98 per cent as well? Or speak 98 per cent as well as humans?

Where are all the 'Bananas R Us' stores for apes? The ape clothing stores, museums, and chimp chocolate makers? And where is Sir Isaac Orang-utan the ape scientist, Leonardo da Chimpsi the painter and inventor, and King Chimp the First of Africa?

(4)     EVOLUTION MYTHS AND CREATION SCIENCE.  This site is compiled by someone called "Deke".  Deke speaks a peculiar English dialect which is better described as "drool".  As well as inventing his own weird science he coined the word "Evolutionarian":

Evolutionarian (ev ah loosh ah nare ee an) adj., n., neologism 1. A scientist-priest, acolyte, or one of their dupes who blindly follow the false and totally anti-scientific Evolutionism religion.   2. Evolutionists who worship the secular humanist gods of the Evolutionarian's "Pantheon": Marx, Darwin, DuBois, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, the Leakeys, and their ilk.   3. The uneducated, uninformed,  teacher's union/government (so-called "public") school indoctrinated followers of the evolution religion.   4.  Those anti-Christian bigots who physically and/or verbally assault those who oppose Evolutionism, the evolutionist's religion.   5.  Those anti-Christian evolutionist bigots who clumsily spew ad hominem attacks, shout down, or silence opposition speech using any means necessary (see: Nazi and communist Big Lie technique) when confronted with scientific facts and data that contradict their religion.   6.  Synonyms: bigot, con artist, communist, deceiver, fool, fraud, Leninist, Marxist, Nazi, pseudo scientific, pseudoscience, pseudoscientist. 

(5)   When Pseudoscience Meets Honest Science. Despite its title, Ed Conrad's site deals exclusively in pseudoscience: 

Proof of Life After Death

a pair of lowly rather insignificant coal miners were entombed more than 300 feet below the surface following a cave-in inside a mine in Pennsylvania's anthracite region.

David Fellin, 58, and Henry "Hank" Throne, 28, seemed destined to die a horrible death because their chance of being rescued was astronomical, probably even worse [how bad can it get? Stear].

However, when all hope seemed gone, God stepped in, flicked His finger and, all of a sudden, Pope John XXIII -- who had died in a hospital in Rome, Italy, 10 weeks before the cave-in -- appeared to Fellin and Throne in their pitch-black tomb, radiating a bluish light that cast no shadow.

Scientists fear evidence that man is as old as coal

Physical evidence currently exists that proves man inhabited the earth while coal was being formed, shaking the very foundations of who we really are and how we really got here. An assortment of human bones and soft organs, transformed to rock-like hardness, has been discovered between anthracite veins in Pennsylvania. Since one of the golden rules of geology is that coal was formed during the Carboniferous -- a minimum of 280 million years ago -- it means that man has existed multi-millions of years before the ... insectivore from whom the evolutionists claim we eventually evolved. However, the scientific establishment has wielded its powerful disdainful influence -- deceit, dishonesty, collusion and conspiracy -- to prevent evidence of the most important discovery of the 20th century to be documented as fact and, therefore, keep us from learning a monumental truth about ourselves.

-- Ed Conrad's statement when he first joined the Internet in March 1996

Unlimited universe filled with other human life

The size of the known universe. . . is as insignficant as a grain of sand on the ocean floor in comparison to the size of the UNKNOWN universe, which is out there in space but of which we have no knowledge at the present time. And even more astounding - not to me because I have seen some of it and actually had traveled there while out of my body. . . planets containing human life, such as that on earth, are common throughout the vastness of not only the known but also the unknown universe.

-- David Fellin's 1987 notarized letter (well before the Hubble)

(6)  A Creation Seminar  This silly site is owned by Steve, Dana and Paul Grohman.  The Grohman family proudly proclaim that they "travel all over the United States teaching about creation vs evolution."  I only read the page "It's a Young Earth" (to which the link above will take you) but that was quite enough to ascertain that all the material has been lifted from Kent Hovind's pages.  So well known are these YEC furphies that they have been debunked in the one page on the Talk.Origins Archive, see How Good Are Those Young-Earth Arguments.

Some of the more illuminating comments found on the Grohman's site are -

The Bible

Evolution is religion and not science. Evolution violates the laws of science. Evolution violates all rational thinking. Evolution willfully ignores error and inconsistency... The Bible is not a science textbook, but where the Bible speaks on science, it is 100% accurate.


Evolutionists believe dinosaurs evolved into birds. That is a belief/faith only because no one can take a dinosaur and have it give birth to a bird.

God made the dinosaurs and the devil has been very successful at confusing millions of people on the issue of when the dinosaurs lived and died. God wrote with his own finger in the middle of the 10 Commandments that "For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea and all that in them is" [graphic omitted] So if any one [sic] tells you that man did not live with dinosaurs and that the dinosaurs died off 65 million years ago, you take them to the 10 Commandments and show them the truth!

Primate Ancestors

Evolutionists believe that man came from some primate ancestor. That is a belief/faith only because no one can take an ancestral primate, (monkey, ape, chimp...) and have it give birth to a man.

(7)  Cryptozoology, Living Dinosaurs, and Origins   Phillip O'Donnell, self confessed webmaster of this ridiculous site, makes the same mistake in relation to extinct species that other creationists make.  Their strange thought processes lead them to hope that should a species thought to be extinct be found to still exist somewhere in the world then it would somehow discredit evolution.  To the contrary, such a discovery would be most exciting for the world of science. 

Sadly for Phillip O'Donnell, he has devoted his no doubt precious time trying to prove something that, should it come to pass, would enhance rather than detract from evolution.  Imagine being able to study a real live dinosaur for instance rather than fossils millions of years old.  For instance, on the Coelacanth web site it shows that scientists are delighted to have discovered a creature previously thought to be extinct:

The discovery by science of the Coelacanth in 1938 caused so much excitement because at that time Coelacanths were thought to be the ancestors of the tetrapods (land-living animals, including humans). It is now believed that Lungfishes are the closest living relative of tetrapods. The Coelacanth may still provide answers to some very interesting evolutionary questions.

Phillip O'Donnell doesn't just deal in dinosaurs and other creatures thought to be extinct. Here are a couple of other absurdities Phillip O'Donnell presents as scientific debate -

The Big Bang

Is the Big Bang really true? Read the following points and decide for yourself.
 1) A tiny bit of nothing packed so tightly together that it blew up and created all the matter in the universe is more like a fairy tale than science.
2) There would be ignition to explode nothingness!

3) Where did everything come from to swirl into a tiny dot?

4) There would be no way to unite the particles together.

5) Where did gravity, helium, hydrogen, and other gasses come from?

6) The red shift does not prove that the big bang happened because if it did,then [sic] the universe would be rushing from where the explosion occurred, not from our planet!

7) There are many clusters of stars in the universe, if the big bang really happened then all the matter would be evenly distrubuted [sic], because there would be not  be any gravity.

8) If the big bang were true then all the planets would be spinning the same way, Venus, Uranus, and Pluto are spinning backwards.

If you do not believe in the big bang then what began the universe? Did God create it?


Under the "Evolution" entry

Why do scientists think the earth is millions of years old, when the earth is thousands of years old?

The reason why Evolutionary scientists say the earth is billions of years old is because if it wasn't the Evolutionary theory would look like a fairy tale. There would be no time for animals to evolve (which they couldn't even if the earth were billons of years old).

Evolution Destroyed

As an argument against evolution Phillip presents the views of only one man in the person of
Thomas F. Heinze Information about Heinze comes from the web site of renowned YEC nutter Jack Chick who describes Heinze thus:

Thomas Heinze has served for more than thirty years as an evangelical missionary in Italy with CBInternational. He currently directs the publishing house Edizioni Centro Biblico. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Oregon State University and a Masters in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Chick also reviews Heinze's book "In the beginning...Soup?", and I quote:

Why shouldn't kids be expected to shoot their teachers and fellow students when they are taught that their creator was primordial soup?

This appears to be Chick's take on the book rather than an actual quote, but it doesn't auger well for a book that purports to scientifically debunk evolution.

It's clear that from a scientific view point Phillip O'Donnell's web site is atrocious.  That Phillip's mentor appears to be the loony Kent Hovind is a strong indication of his scientific illiteracy. 

(8)  Darwin Busters    The author of this pathetically childish web site has wisely chosen not to put his or her name to it.  But he (let's assume it's he) manages to shoot himself on the foot in the preamble to the rest of the rubbish on this site:  

"This website is written to provide persons of faith substantial and significant evidence that Earth was designed by a Creator Who has provided for humankind's every need.

"This website does not deal directly with evolution or the origin of species. We focus instead on the origin of the Earth.  [my emphasis]

"We propose cogent reasons why the Earth itself must have been Intelligently Designed. In so doing, we prove indirectly, but conclusively, that Darwin was wrong"  [my emphasis]

The rest of the material is quite painful to read so I'll not dwell on it except to quote the opening "proof" for an intelligently designed Earth:

"On Earth, a loving God has provided for our every need.

"Where would humankind be if we did not have FIRE? And the WHEEL? Or GLASS?

"Our ancestors learned to make fires and to use fire to make glass from sand.

"Without glass, we would have no windows, telescopes or microscopes and no glasses. To this day, without glass, we would have no lightbulbs.

"You could not start a fire or make glass on Mars, or on Venus, or on Jupiter or on any other planet.

"Fire, wheels and glass are some of the many Divine Gifts that God gave us when he created the Earth.

"There is so much more."

Yes alas there is, and it's all unmitigated crap!