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Are the Folks at Answers in Genesis Feeling the Heat?
Perhaps they should get out of the kitchen!!

John Stear

Answers in Genesis must be concerned at the influence being exerted by this web site if their attempt at denigration is anything to go by.  Dr Jonathan Sarfati, on behalf of AiG, has obviously panicked at the success No Answers in Genesis! is enjoying and has thrashed out in several directions at once (none going anywhere very much) and has condemned this site and (almost) all who sail in her (not to mention Australian Skeptics)


AiG's Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D., F.M., Has Posted a Rave on the
No Answers in Genesis! Guestbook

The Web Bloke's Response
John Stear

Editor of the skeptic, Barry Williams' Response

A Response to Sarfati by Helen Smith

Response to Jonathan Sarfati
Dr Ken Smith

A Science Teacher's Response

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