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Ice Age Idiocy

Another gem from Answers in Genesis via their "WEEKLY NEWS" e-mail seriesThis one dated 8 June 2001

Q: Do creationists believe in an Ice Age?

A: We certainly do.  But we don't believe in ice ages over millions of years.  The Ice Age was actually a consequence of Noah's Flood! The Bible tells us that fountains of the deep broke open all over the Earth at the time of the Flood.  This probably means there was a lot of volcanic action associated with it.  What would've happened, of course, would be that the Flood waters were warmed up by these volcanic explosions.  Therefore, you'd have warm oceans and cool land towards the end of the Flood.  This would result in a lot of the water being evaporated.

Well, what's going to happen?  Because of all of this water in the atmosphere, there would've been great storms at the poles.  A lot of ice and snow would've formed.   Over a period of hundreds of years after the Flood, we believe that this ice accumulated and formed what we know as the Ice Age.  Then, as the temperatures of the land and oceans started to stabilize, the ice would've started to melt and recede to where it is today. The Ice Age was actually a result of the Flood of Noah's day.

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