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Ken Ham has trouble with "millions of years"
Michael Suttkus and Dr Ken Smith

KEN HAM ON EDUCATION!  Millions of years--it's a major stumbling block!
Home Education Weekly News - March 22, 2002

Ken Ham:    Question: Are you insinuating that teaching fossils are millions of years old is a stumbling block to people listening to the Gospel?

All those Catholics and other mainstream Christians clearly find it difficult.  That's why there's only millions of them, because they stumble over the Earth being billions (not millions, poor Ken Ham can't even get the minor details right) of years old.

Ken Ham:
    Answer: To be honest, I can clearly document that this is so. 

The fact that the vast majority of Christians aren't stumbling on that issue demonstrates that it isn't a problem.

Ken Ham:     Over the years, I have compiled numerous quotes from scientists like the late Carl Sagan and others in the secular world.   These quotes all state the same basic thing in different ways, "How there can be a loving, all-powerful
God, when we see death, disease, suffering, violence, mutations and all sorts of other horrible things all around us?"

And I can document lots of quotes on the same issues for thousands of years before Darwin wrote a word.  What's the point?  "The Problem of Suffering" has been a sticky point for centuries.

Ken Ham:    These scientists look at this present, groaning world, and assume that if this is the world God made, and declared "very good", then He can’t be loving and all-powerful. 

Again, nothing at all to do with billions of years here.   This problem exists regardless of whether you see the world as being created 4.5 billion years ago or yesterday morning.

Ken Ham:    When Christians say the world is billions of years old, they are reinforcing this idea. 

Irrelevant.  It would still exist.

Ken Ham:    You see, a belief that the Earth (and its fossil record) is billions of years old ...

Mr Ham can't even manage to be consistent with his errors.

... means that death, disease and bloodshed have been around from the beginning - rather than entering as a result of Adam's sin, as the Bible teaches.

If anyone wants to look at what Paul wrote about death, in the context he is clearly not writing about physical death.  Skeptics may want to argue against the existence of such a thing as "spiritual death", but when Paul writes to people saying "You who were dead in trespasses and sin have been made alive ..." it becomes obvious that Mr Ham knows as little about theology as he knows about science.

Ken Ham:
    What a difference it makes when these non-Christians are shown that this is a FALLEN world (not millions of years old) - ...

Back to millions....  One wonders if Mr Ham has the first clue about what he is purporting to argue against.  No, wait, we already knew he doesn't.

... it was once perfect, but now is groaning.

Nice assertion.  Too bad Mr Ham utterly lacks any evidence.

Perhaps Mr Ham should look into how all those other Christians are solving his purported problems.  No, the lesson here is that it's better to keep one's mind tightly closed and avoid paying attention to reality lest it turn out to be distasteful.

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