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KEN HAM ON EDUCATION!  A jelly bean that moves?
Home Education Weekly News: 3 May - 2002

Ken Ham: Question:  A jelly bean that moves?

Answer:  Actually, it's not really a jelly bean, but it's the size of a jelly bean, red in color, has two legs and a mouth.  Do you know what it is?

Can it be the demon that sits on creationists' shoulders and thanks them for doing their best to make Christianity look silly?

A kangaroo that's just been born!

When the young kangaroo is born, it is only about half an inch long. It can't see, and it only has fore limbs - no full limbs at all at this stage - yet this little bundle of life knows to crawl from the birth canal up into the pouch, and it knows where to go to get its mother's milk.

Gosh, and other mammals also know how to get to the mother's milk.  So?

Not only that, in some species the female kangaroo can become pregnant and keep the fertilised egg 'on hold' until an older joey develops and leaves her pouch!

Better yet, rabbits can pull the same trick in a single womb, keeping different broods of children at different stages of their development.

Also, she can have two young feeding out of her pouch, and she can produce two different compositions of milk at the same time!

Another trick not all that uncommon in animals that nurse multiple ages of young at a time.

You know what I teach children about such an animal? 

Yes.  You lie.

It's obviously designed to do what it does do and what it does do it does very well!

Designed yes, but not by anything remotely intelligent.   Natural selection is the designer responsible for all animal life that we see.

The answer's in Genesis.  God created the kangaroo - it didn't evolve!

Sure.  Close your eyes and scream loudly 'DOES NOT' for the audience Mr Ham.  And maybe all those annoying transitional half kangaroos will vanish.  Probably not, but you never know.

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