The Geologic Column

The Geologic Column
and Its Implications for the Flood

Glenn R. Morton

Geologic Time (off site)   
The US Geological Survey

How old is the Earth?  And why should we care? (off site)
Martin G. Miller

How Old is the Earth  (off site)
G. Brent Dalrymple
A Response to "Scientific" Creationism

Simply Oresome
Professor George Seddon
Take a close-up look at Australia's earth; it's
not just a load of old rocks!

The Grand Canyon - " ... an immense symbol of the depth and
vastness of geologic time"
(off site)

Bibliolatry Revisited: A Review of "Grand Canyon: a Different View"
Wilfred A. Elders

Grand Canyon: Some Links to Accurate Science
John Stear

Rock Strata of the Colorado Plateau: Formed by Noah's Flood? (off site)

When the Earth Flexes Its Muscles
Part of an interview with author Simon Winchester

The Day The Earth Nearly Died - programme summary  (off site)
What caused the
Permian mass extinction?

Actualism vs. Dr. Plaisted's Inadequate Uniformitarianism
Dr. Kevin R. Henke

Paleomagnetism Home Page  (off site)
Joe Meert

The Geological Time Scale (off site)

Hugh Ross' Petroleum: God's Well-timed Gift  (off site)
Glenn R. Morton