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Making Friends with Fossils
Helen Lawrence

Helen Lawrence has written an 80 page booklet, Making Friends with Fossils.

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New publication on human origins:

Making Friends with Fossils - how to find your way through the maze of human origins by Helen Lawrence - available early May, 2003. This is an 80 page booklet for students and all those who have an interest in the evidence based origins of human kind. 

Helen is a graduate in Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology from the University of New England, NSW, Australia. She is also a physiotherapist with forty years' practical experience. The combination affords a refreshing focus on facts about bones, muscles and body mechanics of humans and proto-humans.

Retail Price: AUD $17.95
Bulk Orders: AUD $10.00

Contact the web site at: http://www.maygog.com/collection/lawrence/hl_mfwf.html

Foreword by Colin Groves
Professor of Biological Anthropology
Australian National University

"It is important for us to know where we came from and how we got here, and that we are not so special that we are somehow "outside the system"; yet there is so much misunderstanding about human evolution that it is all too easy for the lunatic fringe to bend the evidence and mislead the unwary.  Racists assume that one group of people is superior to others.  Raelians maintain that aliens tinkered with the DNA.  Creationists pretend that evolution never happened at all, and try to banish the whole concept from school science classes.

In the interests of science and sanity, Helen Lawrence has produced a beautifully written little booklet that carefully retells the story of human evolution.  She simplifies, but does not oversimplify.  She is succinct, but not dry - and never boring.  She does not lay down the law, but always tells the evidence like it is, and clearly differentiates fact from opinion.  She knows the difference between argument and speculation.  She avoids giving the impression that everything is settled; she knows that this is science, and that science is a dynamic process, and understandings change with each new discovery.I hope that her booklet is successful, because I think it will open people's minds, and enrich them."

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