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Dr Jonathan Sarfati
B.Sc. (Hons.), Ph.D., F.M.

In North America, at least, scientific creationists who have technical training are quite frequently engineers. The non-engineers who have been taught some of the things that scientists have found out, or who have themselves, on occasion, played the game of science, are usually knowledgeable only in one of the non-biological and "non-historical" sciences. Very few have had their primary technical training in biology, and I know of none who have actually conducted "hands-on" scientific studies of specimens in the fields of plant and animal classification, biogeography, or paleontology. Without exception, every single paleontologist, taxonomist, ecologist, biogeographer, comparative anatomist, botanist, mammalogist, ornithologist, herpetologist, ichthyologist, entomologist, and other invertebrate zoologist that I have ever met (and I have met and talked to hundreds, if not thousands) has been utterly convinced that the scientific evidence supports unequivocally and overwhelmingly, an old earth, an old universe, and evolution.
--Ronald Pine, zoologist, Chicago Field Museum of Natural History (1984, CREATION/EVOLUTION XIV, p. 14.)

Dr Jonathan Sarfati, like all his creationist colleagues, is a propagandist.  (The word "propaganda" was the term adopted by the early Church to describe its method of spreading the faith).  The only difference is that the creationist version of "the faith" relies on lies and subterfuge.  It's often said, with good reason, that creationism is bad science and even worse religion.

Dr Jonathan Sarfati's biography, as published by
Answers in Genesis, tells us that he is "a research scientist and editorial consultant for the Creation Science Foundation [now Answers in Genesis] in Brisbane.[Australia]"

Dr Sarfati has degrees in chemistry but like most creationist writers he writes on almost every scientific discipline; you name it and he's more than likely written something in a vain effort to refute evolution.

His full biography can be found here.

Below are links to some of Dr Sarfati's inept contributions to the science/creation debate.   

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If All Elephants and Other Proboscideans are "One Kind",
Why Can't All Primates be "One Kind"?

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The Parable of Pil-Mer the Prankster
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Sarfati tries to refute the PSB-TV series Evolution with another falsehood  (off site)

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John Stear

Boiled Creationist with a Side of Hexaglycine:
Sarfati on Imai et al. (1999)

Gary S. Hurd, Ph.D.

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and in the Sun's Interior

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More Nonsense on "TRUE.ORIGINS":
Jonathan Sarfati's Support Of Flood Geology
(off site)
Dr. Kevin R. Henke

Kevin Henke discusses some of the problems in Sarfati's response
and provides additional reasons why "Flood geology" is bogus


Reply to Jonathan Sarfati's Criticism of "Supernovae, Supernova Remnants
and Young Earth Creationism FAQ"
(off site)
Dave Moore

Digit Numbering and Limb Development  (off site)
PZ Myers debunks Jonathan Sarfati's avian digit claims


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