Dinosaur Links

Dinosaurs: Facts and Fiction (off site)
The US Geological Survey

Dinosaur Bones: Just How Old Are They Really?
Professor Philip J. Currie

Walking with Dinosaurs (off site)

Zoom Dinosaurs (off site)

Dinolinks (off site)

The Dinosauria: Truth is Stranger than Fiction (off site)

Dinobase (off site)

Dann's Dinosaur Reconstructions (Australian Dinosaurs) (off site)

Dinosaurs of Ancient Queensland (Australia) (off site)

Dinosaur evolution (off site)

Dinosaur Fossils Fit Perfectly Into The Evolutionary Tree Of Life (off site)
ScienceDaily, Jan. 30, 2009

"A recent study by researchers at the University of Bath and London's Natural History Museum has found that scientists' knowledge of the evolution of dinosaurs is remarkably complete."

SuperCroc (Sarcosuchus imperator) (off site)

Fossil places crocodile's ancestors in Queensland [Australia] (off site)

Dinosaurs   (off site)
R. J. Riggins

A sample essay of definition

Sue at the Field Museum  (off site)

A king-sized theropod coprolite found in Saskatchewan  (off site)

Eggs, Nest and the 'Flood Theory'  (off site)

Russian Dinosaur Exposition  (off site)

Lystrosaurus georgi  (off site)

Dino-blood and the Young Earth
Gary S. Hurd, Ph.D.

Dino Blood Redux
Gary S. Hurd, Ph.D.

In Startling Advance, Study Identifies Dinosaur Protein  (off site)
A Discussion of Science, Evolution, the Formicidae, Life's Diversity, and Wonder

Ancient Molecules and Modern Myths  (off site)
Gary S. Hurd, Ph.D.

Chinese Dinosaurs  (off site)
Exhibition at the Australian Museum

Utah and China: An ancient link 

Utah and China: An ancient link  (off site)
Did the distant lands have dinos in common?

Distant space crash doomed the dinosaurs (off site)
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Science News
Will Dunham, Reuters, 6 September

Slime versus dinosaur  (off site)
Carl Zimmer
"In 2005, researchers made headlines when they reported that they had found intact blood vessels from a 68-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex. The discovery raised hopes that paleontologists could get their hands on the flesh and blood of vanished animals. This week, however, other scientists challenged the results, arguing that the dinosaur flesh was in fact just coatings of young bacteria."

A Major Australian Museum's Disgraceful Concession to Creationism  (off Site)
The Baliset Palimpsest, 19 April 2008
"Young Earth Creationists suffer from a humiliating lack of credibility, and rightly so, among the mainstream scientific community. Hence, if any “secular” institution appears to slip and confirm any tenet of the Creationist worldview, you can count on them to crow about it. Of course, the context or intent of the reference is rarely of interest to them."


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