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Creationist Responses to PBS's Evolution Series
John Stear

As expected, creationists are flailing around desperately trying to refute the PBS Evolution Series.

Answers in Genesis has been geared up to attempt to refute the series long before it was shown, which demonstrates the creationists' determination to oppose evolution and denigrate science regardless of the evidence for evolution and the lack of ANY evidence for creationism.

On AiG's web site you'll find the following inane comment and a list of Dr Jonathan Sarfati's  "rebuttals":

The PBS-TV Evolution series has launched perhaps the greatest barrage of evolutionary indoctrination since Carl Sagan’s (in)famous Cosmos TV broadcasts of the 1980s. Daily responses to every program, written by AiG’s Dr Sarfati (author of Refuting Evolution) will be available on this page. The evidence against evolution is overwhelming . . . but you won’t find it on PBS! [Refuting Evolution is a load of old rubbish and has been exposed as such, see Jonathan Sarfati's "Refuting Evolution": Refuted by Reality ]

The National Center for Science Education is in the forefront of the battle to keep creationism out of school science classes.  NCSE has posted responses from scientists detailing creationist misinformation regarding the Evolution series.   Please follow the links below:

PBS Evolution Series 

Scientists Debunk Criticism of Evolution Series
(Several Articles)

Sarfati's Attempts to Rebut the Evolution Series

Sarfati tries to refute the PSB-TV series Evolution with another falsehood


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