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Creationist Frauds

The Carl Baugh Page

The Kent Hovind Page

Dr David Milne Rebuts Creationist Dr Walt Brown  (off site)

Dr Walt Brown's Pseudo Challenge (off site)

More on Walter Brown's debate offer  (off site)

Creationism: Bad Science or Immoral Pseudoscience?
(an expose of creationist Dr Duane Gish)
(off site)

The Bullfrog Affair (or The Enchanted Prince Croaks) (off site)

The ICR Exposed  (off site)
"Throughout this essay I assert my opinion that the reverends Morris, Gish, Hovind, Phillips, etc., are either liars, madmen, incompetent, evil, or combinations of these things."

Robert O'Brien Trophy Winner: Tom Willis  (off site)
"... this guy might qualify as the Grand Poobah Dumbass of the century... "