Creation Ministries International
(Formerly Answers in Genesis)
John Stear, May 2006

Something that is not fully appreciated by the outsider is that science is a process. One makes an observation, forms a testable hypothesis about the observation, gathers data, and the data either support or refute the hypothesis. It is then refined and retested. If the hypothesis is tested multiple times, it is strengthened, and eventually moves to become a theory, one of the strongest statements in science.
--Dr. Mary Higby Schweitzer, Associate Professor Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
North Carolina State University

The Australian arm of Answers in Genesis (AiG) has separated from what was it's parent body (which now comprises AiG-United States and AiG-United Kingdom) and has renamed itself Creation Ministries International (CMI) CMI also sports its own web site.  CMI has retained under its umbrella CMI Canada, CMI New Zealand and CMI South Africa.

CMI, like AiG-USA and other creationist organisations, adheres to a Statement of Faith which is binding on its members and employees.  That Statement of Faith says in part:

The 66 books of the Bible are the written Word of God. The Bible is divinely inspired and inerrant throughout. Its assertions are factually true in all the original autographs. It is the supreme authority, not only in all matters of faith and conduct, but in everything it teaches. Its authority is not limited to spiritual, religious or redemptive themes but includes its assertions in such fields as history and science...

The account of origins presented in Genesis is a simple but factual presentation of actual events and therefore provides a reliable framework for scientific research into the question of the origin and history of life, mankind, the Earth and the universe.
The various original life forms (kinds), including mankind, were made by direct creative acts of God. The living descendants of any of the original kinds (apart from man) may represent more than one species today, reflecting the genetic potential within the original kind. Only limited biological changes (including mutational deterioration) have occurred naturally within each kind since Creation.
The great Flood of Genesis was an actual historic event, worldwide (global) in its extent and effect.
The Statement of Faith continues:

The following are held by members of the Boards (Directors) of Creation Ministries International to be either consistent with Scripture or implied by Scripture:

Scripture teaches a recent origin for man and the whole creation.
The days in Genesis do not correspond to geologic ages, but are six [6] consecutive twenty-four [24] hour days of Creation.
The Noachian Flood was a significant geological event and much (but not all) fossiliferous sediment originated at that time.

The adherence to such an absurd doctrine is the primary reason creationism cannot be considered to be in any way scientific.  Creationists cannot accept any evidence for evolution no matter how compelling because, as you can see above, their Statement of Faith binds them irrevocably to the biblical explanation for origins contained in the Book of Genesis.

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