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THE INFOGRAPHY -   Archaeopteryx
(Sources recommended by a professor who specializes in the study of archaeopteryx

The Archaeopteryx Pages (off site)

Archaeopteryx: An Early Bird (off site)

Archaeopteryx "ancient wing/feather"  (off site)

Archaeopteryx (off site)

The Archaeopteryx FAQs (off site)
Chris Nedin

All About Archaeopteryx (off site)
Chris Nedin

Dinosaurs and Birds - the Story (off site)
Dr Paul Willis

No more apologies: dinosaurs soar with the eagles (off site)

Half a Wing and no Prayer (off site)
Frank R. Zindler

Hidden within chicken DNA, a possible key to engineering
new tissues for humans
(off site)

Creation "Scientist" Walt Brown and Archaeopteryx
Larry Kurka

Great Web Site - Pity About the Idiot Author
Larry Kurka

Feathers: Created or Evolved? (off site)
Paul Keck

Evolution of Flight (off site)

Microraptor (Dinosaur to Bird) (off site)

Sinosauropteryx (Dinosaur to Bird) (off site)

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