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Kangaroos Originated in the Middle East?
Another Inanity from Answers in Genesis.

Most if not all of what passes for science in creationist circles is simplistic nonsense. Below is the latest example of this from Answers in Genesis (AiG) the web site of the "premium" creationist organisation.   It was received in an e-mail from AiG under the heading, AiG- U.S. WEEKLY NEWS May 25, 2001  Answers in Genesis Ministries International.  With illogical pap like this being force fed to AiG's credulous followers it's no wonder that many of our children are growing up with little or no understanding of science.

Q: Why are kangaroos found only in Australia?

A: This may surprise lots of people, but that's not the case.

It's interesting: at our Answers in Genesis seminars, we ask our audience:

How many of you believe kangaroos once lived in the Middle East?   No one puts up their hands.  Then we ask:  How many believe that Noah's Flood was a real event?  All hands go up.

How many believe that Noah's Ark was a real boat?  Yes, they agree to that, too.   How many believe that two of every kind of land animal, including kangaroos, went on the Ark?  Yes, they accept that.

Then we ask:  How many people believe that the Ark landed in the Middle East?   Up go the hands.  How many people now believe that kangaroos came off the Ark after the Flood?  They start to chuckle as they put their hands up.

Then we say, how many believe kangaroos once lived in the Middle East?  All the hands now go up.

You see, when we think from a Biblical perspective, we know that all land animals must've once lived in the Middle East.

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