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Ken Ham Asks, "Noah's Flood - did it cover the whole Earth?
John Stear

KEN HAM ON EDUCATION! -- Noah's Flood - did it cover the whole Earth?
(October 19, 2001)

Question:  Was Noah's flood a global or just a regional event?

Ken Ham:    Answer: There are many Christians who have been led to believe that Noah's Flood was just a local one.  This is because they've been indoctrinated to believe that the fossil record is millions of years old.  But the Bible gives a very clear picture of what really happened.

The fossil record is THOUSANDS OF MILLIONS of years old.  When creationists argue that the fossil record was laid down in a world wide flood they are merely ignoring the mountains of available evidence.

It can be argued, though not successfully, that the horizontal distribution of fossils could be accounted for by a global flood burying the creatures where they lived, but the vertical structure of fossils in the record is a stark reminder that creationists are wrong.  There was NO world wide flood.  To continue to argue the case for a world wide flood in light of this vertical structure where the fossils are sorted by species with 100% precision is to argue the absurd. But, of course, creationism is based on the absurd.

Ken Ham:    When Genesis tells us that the highest hills under the whole of heaven were covered by water, it is obviously referring to a global event.  In fact, at the end of the Flood, God put a rainbow in the sky as a sign between God and man that he'd never repeat such an event.

Genesis was written several thousand years ago by itinerant tribesmen.  Any flood which stretched from horizon to horizon (about seven miles) would, to many of the people living in those times, have seemed to be "world wide".   There are many, many flood stories.  See Flood Stories from Around the World, a remarkable collection by Mark Isaak.   The Genesis account is merely another of the countless myths that have emerged among primitive peoples around the world that have floods as the centrepiece of their myths.

Ken Ham:    Now, we've seen lots of floods since the time [sic] of Noah's day - many local floods, but what we haven't seen is a global Flood.   Not only this, Jesus Christ Himself, in the book of Matthew, used the event of Noah's Flood as a warning that there was going to be another judgment, but next time by fire.  If Noah's Flood was just a local event, then maybe the coming judgment by fire will be just a local event, too.  No, that doesn't make sense at all!

Ken Ham resorts to the Bible rather than scientific fact in an effort to give the shakiest of theories some substance.  Not only does the fossil record put paid to the a theory of a world wide flood but the geologic column delivers it the final blow.

Creationists repeatedly claim the geologic column does not exist.  They have claimed that the column is only "an idea" and nowhere do we find the complete sequence.

For more on the geologic column and a world flood see the conclusion to The Geologic Column and its Implications for the Flood, by Glenn Morton, a part of which is quoted below:

"First, as I have noted before, the concept quite prevalent among some Christians that the geologic column does not exist is quite wrong. Morris and Parker  (1987) p. 163) write:

'Now, the geologic column is an idea, not an actual series of rock layers. Nowhere do we find the complete sequence.'

"They are wrong. You just saw the whole column piled up in one place where one oil well can drill through it. Not only that, the entire geologic column is found in 25 other basins around the world, piled up in proper order. These basins are:

The Ghadames Basin in Libya
The Beni Mellal Basin in Morrocco
The Tunisian Basin in Tunisia
The Oman Interior Basin in Oman
The Western Desert Basin in Egypt
The Adana Basin in Turkey
The Iskenderun Basin in Turkey
The Moesian Platform in Bulgaria
The Carpathian Basin in Poland
The Baltic Basin in the USSR
The Yeniseiy-Khatanga Basin in the USSR
The Farah Basin in Afghanistan
The Helmand Basin in Afghanistan
The Yazd-Kerman-Tabas Basin in Iran
The Manhai-Subei Basin in China
The Jiuxi Basin China
The Tung t'in - Yuan Shui Basin China
The Tarim Basin China
The Szechwan Basin China
The Yukon-Porcupine Province Alaska
The Williston Basin in North Dakota
The Tampico Embayment Mexico
The Bogata Basin Colombia
The Bonaparte Basin, Australia
The Beaufort Sea Basin/McKenzie River Delta

" ... and finally, the data shows that there is no strata which can be identified as the flood strata and there is no way to have the whole column be deposited in a single year. Thus, if we are to believe in a Flood, it must have been local in extent."

Ken Ham:    Was Noah's Flood worldwide?  Yes, it was!

Sorry, the evidence clearly illustrates the complete and utter failure of your flood model.  Back to the drawing board Mr Ham?  But probably not, given creationists' perseverance with thoroughly discredited theories.   After all, if the flood never happened, what do you have left with which to prop up your absurd fairy story?

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