Young creationists force fed rubbish!

Answers in Genesis's "Prayer News" for October-December 2005, contains a snippet of  unintentional humor about one of AiG's speakers (they don't name him) visiting a Sydney church.  The story goes that the speaker shared a meal with some young people who were so enraptured by his presence that they asked him how he became a minister, etc.  Pretty exciting stuff I suppose if, as the youth pastor stated, "Our young people have been virtually 'raised' on Creation magazine".

So enamoured was AiG with this stirring round of questions they, sensing an opportunity to again denigrate university teaching standards, contrasted the speakers reception by students force fed pap from Creation magazine with students at what they described as "a major Australian university".  The Christian students at the university showed, to quote AiG, "open hostility to our speaker and his six day position".  Surprise! Surprise!

What did AiG expect?  That university students, even Christian university students, would sit back and listen to fairy stories about six day creations and worldwide floods that didn't happen without aggressively questioning the speaker?

AiG still doesn't get it - in fundamentalist churches it's garbage in, garbage out, in university if it's garbage, it's examined critically. And that's what those Christian university students did.  They don't read AiG's comic book magazine, they read textbooks.