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Did Australia's Aborigines REALLY See Dinosaurs?

Roger Scott
Revised 16 May 2005

(Who has inexplicably succumbed to creationist bullshit. But will he convert? Will a dinosaur or two or three be discovered frolicking in Lake Galilee, Queensland, Australia? Will God really open our eyes? and more importantly, will Noah's Ark be found at the bottom of the aptly named Lake Galilee?  Sigh!!) 

After reading the CREATION ex nihilo article (Volume 21 Number 1, December 1998 - February 1999) "Australia's Aborigines .... Did they see dinosaurs" suddenly something clicked. It all fell into place. I could SEE THE LIGHT.

Did Aborigines see dinosaurs? Well, there is more than enough evidence in the article for any person who has the eye of faith. To help make sense of all this, the following observations and hopes are offered by way of mis-explanation.

Aboriginal hunters probably speared the last dinosaurs just before Captain Cook sailed up the east coast in 1770. Cook wasn't sixty five million years late as a few (misguided) scientists would have us believe, he missed them by just a couple of years. Think for a moment what this would have meant to his young naturalist, Charles Darwin, if he had been afforded the opportunity to see a dinosaur with his own eyes. History would not have taken the tragic turns it took after he was used by Satan to sow the lie of evolution among the peoples of the world.

This terrible tragedy is composed of a number of smaller but still anguishing elements. We have the as yet unexplained inability of dinosaur bones to be discovered in Aboriginal middens. Dinosaurs were obviously far too valuable as a source of protein for Aborigines not to hunt them but unhappily, not one dinosaur bone has been found in an Aboriginal midden. Clearly a more intensive search program is required.

Another disappointing factor was the collective decision of Aboriginal tribes of deliberately portraying not even one picture of a dinosaur in their cave drawings. Perhaps Aborigines ate them only in religious rituals and dinosaurs were simply too sacred to be depicted in ochre. Indeed, the early Israelites regarded "Yahweh", their word for God, as too sacred to speak. Aborigines arrived in Australia after humankind was scattered by God from the Tower of Babel. One can readily appreciate that there would have been pre-Tower of Babel echoes of this early Israelite custom within the tribal memories. The complete absence of "Yahweh" (or even "Jehovah") on all known rock walls in Australia suggests that Aborigines took this tradition very seriously. Actually we can take heart from this adoption of early Israelite customs by Aborigines. It shows we are on the right track.

Friends, are we really so far from establishing the Truth for all to see? While we are probably too late for the land-dwelling dinosaurs, dinosaurs with gills such as the plesiosaurs only needed to surface to check the sun for the time of day. Perhaps they have survived to the present day. We need to show our faith by plumbing new depths such as in Lake Galilee in Queensland, Australia. Here a "mysterious occupant", possibly a dinosaur, has been reported for years. There would be room for many more than one, because this particular lake is "bottomless". (I do hope there are more, it would be such a lonely existence if there was but one dinosaur forlornly attempting to frolic in its waters). Expressing our faith is a personal choice. For me, what could be better than financing an expedition to find the Lake Galilee monster. I hope you agree and look forward with me to the time when God-fearing folk have discovered not only the Lake Galilee monster, but that monster of a boat, Noah's Ark.

But back to the harsh present reality. For now, until even more evidence is found, we can only hope that the human race will repent of its wayward ways and accept that dinosaurs lived at the same time as Adam and Eve, just like the Bible says. Deviations from Truth of this kind have only occurred since the days of Darwin (who as everyone knows repented on his death bed and asked for forgiveness. Alas, he was too late). The world could be such a wonderful place - free of earthquakes, tsunamis, plagues of pestilential pathogens and people of other religious persuasion - if we could just accept these Truths and allow God to remove His Curse from humanity. After all, He does not take any pleasure from the deaths of little children.

World history could have been so very, very different too. We would not have had the evil theory of evolution and all that flows from it - racism, slavery, Hitler, Hiroshima, homosexuality, herpes, hallucinogens, hash, harlots, hell-raisers, heathens, henotheists, hard-core pornography, HIV and MTV, … masturbation, fornication, teenage pregnancies and the proliferation of prophylactics. Would you believe that I could go on and on here? The lamentable list is endless.

May God open our eyes so that all may see that the dinosaurs did not die out in the alleged cataclysm marked by the KT boundary sixty five million years ago as some misguided scientists would have us believe but in fact were created in just six days, less than ten thousand years ago, at the same time as the glorious human race and lived on until just a few years ago, over there, down the road a bit, near the sparse shade of that Boab tree, munching on green cycads where farmer Brown's cows now graze on whatever grass the sun has yet to burn off.

Is this too much to ask??

NOTES (of the "no-nonsense" kind)

There are numerous errors of fact and inference in the article above. It should be pointed out that Charles Darwin was born in 1809, thirty nine years after the great English navigator and explorer Captain James Cook RN sailed along the eastern Australian coast. Cook did have the great botanist Joseph Banks on board. Banks catalogued many new plant species during Cook's circumnavigation voyage of the globe from 1768-1771.

 Darwin did not reject his life's work on his death bed.

The plesiosaurs, an extinct group of marine reptiles, were not dinosaurs, nor did they have gills.

Among the few correct statements in the article above is the assertion that no dinosaur bones have ever been found in Aboriginal middens. Middens are the remnants of heaps where Aborigines discarded inedible pieces such as shells and bones.


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