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9 April 2004

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Q: If evolution is supposedly a ‘scientific’ view of origins, why is it linked to some of the moral issues of our day?

A: There’s a new fad called ‘evolutionary psychology.’ Remember the old saying—the devil made me do it? Perhaps the way to put it now is: ‘evolution made me do it!’

Quotable quote:

'One is forced to conclude that many scientists and technologists pay lip-service to Darwinian theory only because it supposedly excludes a creator.'

– Dr. Michael Walker (Senior Lecturer, Anthropology, Sydney University), Quadrant, page 44, October 1982.


For years, many people—even some Christians—have scoffed at the idea that a decline in morality could be linked with evolution.

A research study conducted at the Australian National University has revealed that people who believe in evolution are more likely, for example, to be in favor of extra-marital relations. Also, those who accept Darwinian ideas were found to be more tolerant of abortion.

The author of the research report said that there were two important influences in how people in this study looked at extra-marital relations and abortion: first, church attendance, and second, the influence of the theory of evolution. In other words, if they attended church, where they may have received some biblical instruction, they would more likely to be chaste and pro-life. But if they accepted the teaching of evolution, they would think otherwise.

If more churches would teach the Bible as written—and accept the Genesis teachings that God is the Author of marriage and life—we’d see better morals in society!

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