Creation Ministries International: Hamstrung by AiG
John Stear, April 2006

Creation Ministries International (CMI), the former Australian arm of AiG-USA, is still having problems with its buddies at AiG-USA.  It seems AiG-USA's CEO, Ken Ham isn't about to make it easy for CMI to operate effectively in Australia.   When AiG became AiG-USA and cast adrift its former partner in crime, see What's in a name?, Ken Ham announced the launch of AiG-USA's renamed magazine via their web site.  CMI was not pleased that Ham chose to announce his new magazine in that way rather than in the more conventional way, i.e. by negotiation with CMI.  CMI is unhappy with the arrangements concerning US subscribers and the fact that AiG-USA has given no indication on their web site that US subscribers can continue to subscribe to CMI's magazine Creation with or without AiG-USA's new magazine.

To add insult to injury, CMI doesn't even have access AiG-USA's list of subscribers and their frustration is evident in this plea for assistance in locating former subscribers to their magazine:

Many former subscribers to Creation mag and the Journal of Creation (formerly TJ) are unaware (and we don't know who they are) that these two quality periodicals are still available in the USA - please tell as many US friends/contacts as you can to use this link to subscribe/resubscribe. [my emphasis]

Why CMI hasn't demanded that AiG-USA play fair and at least provide them with a list of former subscribers is puzzling.  It seems Ken Ham is doing all he can to ensure that CMI remains as ineffective as possible.