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Q: Is it possible that a practicing scientist can also be a creationist?

Quotable quote:

‘Anyone who questions man’s reasoning, particularly on the origin of the physical world, faces an arrogance almost beyond comprehension. Many scientists realize the weak underpinnings of scientific models but the spokesmen of naturalism and their media advocates will not abide anything that questions either the supremacy of man, his reasoning power or his conclusions. I have seen media interviewers, who gladly try to tear Christian and conservative guests to pieces, grovel before a scientist who is [one of the] illuminati of evolutionary thought. No one would dare to try to question a living example of the superiority of man’s reasoning power. They are in the presence of a high priest of the one and only knowledge—let all the earth keep silent before him!’

– Dr. Emmett Williams, Creation Research Society Quarterly 29(2):84, September 1992.

A: Evolutionists often claim that if you believe in creation, you can’t be a true scientist. However, there are a number of real scientists who are creationists. One such scientist is Dr. Gary Parker, who speaks at some of our seminars. He has a very distinguished science background.

We need to also understand that many of the most famous scientists who ever lived were creationists. For instance, think about names like Michael Faraday, James Clark Maxwell, Isaac Newton, Johannes Kepler … and the list goes on. These were some of the most famous scientists who ever lived, and they believed Genesis.

Ken Ham once had the opportunity to speak to a number of scientists at the Goddard Space Center near Baltimore. He was pleased to see a number of scientists, real scientists—who were involved in building the space shuttle and repairing the Hubble Telescope—who told him they believed that Genesis is accurate. They did not accept evolution. There are probably thousands of scientists like this throughout the world—practicing scientists who believe in creation. See our creation scientist section to see just a few of them, as well as a list of prestigious creationist scientists of the past.

What should scientists believe about where we came from? God created all things.

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