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Answers in Genesis' Web Feedback

John Stear

The leading creationist web site, Answers in Genesis, has a Web Feedback   page.  The page currently lists several responses favourable to AiG and, intriguingly, only three not favourable.

The first of the three negative responses contains such atrocious spelling and poor grammar, combined with a lack of knowledge of the age of the Earth, that one could be forgiven for concluding that the response was deliberately written with the intention of portraying evolutionists as simpletons.  The second has a purported evolutionist taking Ken Ham to task in a most unconvincing manner and the third was written by me and draws AiG's attention to the suspicious nature of their method of choosing and posting responses.

It is possible that the other negative responses are bona fide (I'm sure the odd illiterate evolutionist exists) but have been carefully selected (why are there only three responses critical of AiG to date?) to give creationists a negative impression of evolutionists.

Readers are free to reach their own conclusions but given the dishonesty of most creationist web sites there will always be the suspicion that the folks at AiG are capable of manipulating the facts to suit themselves.

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